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Do you know the CAM open brake?

- Jan 11, 2018 -

This kind of brake is widely used in pneumatic brake actuator.

The following figure is the CAM opening brake of the car:

In addition to the brake CAM as the opening device, the rest of the brake is basically the same as the hydraulic brake.

The brake shoe is made of malleable iron.

The eccentrically supported underwrite support is installed on the brake floor, and the return spring is pulled against the CAM of the brake CAM shaft without braking.

The brake camshaft is fixed on the brake base by the support, and its tail is inserted into the spline hole of the brake adjustment arm.

When braking, the brake adjustment arm is driven by the brake chamber to drive the camshaft.

In order to push the brake shoes to tighten the brake drum.

Since the center of the brake CAM is fixed, the corresponding points on the two brake shoes are equal to each other, regardless of the Angle of the CAM.

But because, in fact, both sides hoof drum gap adjustment cannot be completely consistent, two feet on the degree of compaction of drum is not equal, the original clearance smaller side of the drum brake on the larger compression force and friction, so this kind of brake, at the beginning of the use is balanced.

After using period is not long, however, the units of the drum pressure or led shoe lining abrasion will be faster, so that both sides gap is consistent, the corresponding method is equal to the reaction also gradually, namely into balance type.

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