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The working form of drum brake

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The brake is often used in mechanical parts, which is an indispensable part of mechanical equipment operation.

Drum brake is a kind of brake, how does it realize the brake in the working process?

The drum brake is a brake friction disc mounted on the surface of two curved brake shoes. The brake shoe is supported at one end and the power is applied from the other end. The brake shoe is pressed to the inside of the brake drum.

In the hydraulic braking system, the piston of the brake cylinder pushes the brake shoes directly.

In a pneumatic braking system, the compressed air pushes a CAM to rotate, causing the brake shoe to open outwards.

When the brake pressure is gone, the return spring will pull the brake shoe out of the brake drum, thus lifting the brake.

Under certain hoof and drum position conditions, drum brake can produce automatic effect.

Is based on the direction to the rotation of the brake drum, if the wire end of the brake shoe at first, supporting the last, the rotation of the rotation direction of the brake shoe and brake drum in the same direction, then, under the action of friction, the brake shoe will automatically with more pressure to the brake drum, powerful brake can be obtained.

Such a brake shoe is called a hoof.

Of course, because the car can move forward, also can retreat, when the rotation direction of the brake shoe and brake drum rotating in opposite directions, hoof, friction between the drum and decreased, the pressure of the brake shoe also decreases, and the brake shoe is called because stumbles.

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