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What is a safety brake?

- Aug 05, 2017 -

The safety brake is the mechanical braking set on the last stage of the transmission mechanism (reel shaft), which is generally used only in the important mechanism (hoisting mechanism of crane, luffing mechanism of jib and inclined belt conveyor, etc.).

Since the 1980s, with the rapid development of lifting and handling machinery towards large-scale and oversize, dedicated and efficient, semi-automatic and automatic direction, the application of safety brakes has been developed rapidly.

At present, safety brakes have been widely used in large-scale port-specific handling machinery, large-scale special lifting equipment (such as power station Gantry Crane, foundry cranes, cable cranes hoisting mechanism, etc.) and dip-type belt conveyor is being applied.

China's security brakes were almost blank before the mid 1990s, after the mid 1990s, China's large-scale, dedicated port handling machinery manufacturing level and rapid increase in market demand, promoting the rapid development of China's safety brakes, in just more than 10 years, China's safety brake technology has been close to or reached the international level, product varieties are also increasing.

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