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Application Range Of Electromagnetic Brake

- Aug 05, 2017 -

●Packaging and packing machinery: such as packaging machines, strapping machines, packaging machinery, etc.

●Metal processing machinery: such as calender, stretch line machine, punching machine, welding machine, iron wall line return machine, cutting machine, pipe-making machinery, winding machine, etc.

●Mechanical work: Lathe, milling machine, automatic CNC bed, special machine, etc.

●Handling machinery: Cranes, feed machines, conveyors, coiling machines, hoists, etc.

●Paper machinery: Bag making machine, carton machine, from the breaker, book-making machine, cutting machine, paper-copying machine, etc.

●Printing machinery: Web, feeding presses, etc.

●Woodworking machinery: Sawing machine, woodworking machine, laminate machinery, etc.

●Business machinery: Electronic copying machine, computer, fax machine, copper coin counting machine, printing machine, etc.

●Measuring machinery: Testing machine, endurance test device, measuring machine, etc.

●Food processing machinery: Cutting meat machinery, cake making machinery, bottling machinery, noodle machine, etc.

●Other: Reducer, electroplating device, chemical machinery, paper machinery, resin processing machinery.

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