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China Railway Sixth Bureau Taiyuan Iron Construction Company Seal Factory Installation YFX Series Electric Hydraulic Hydraulic Wedge Brake

- Oct 23, 2017 -

China Railway Sixth Bureau of Taiyuan Iron Construction Company Seal Factory is located in Jinzhong City Yuci District Zhuangzi Township East Village, due to high geographical location, perennial wind is not weak, coupled with the presence of potential sudden bad weather, coupled with plant gantry crane and other large Machinery and equipment everywhere, there is a certain degree of security risks.

    To this end, the first time to contact the company's machinery and equipment department, and joint gantry manufacturers and other manufacturers, after the finalization of the final plan to determine the best - for the plant all gantry crane installed YFX series of hydraulic hydraulic wedge brake, Production "escort".

    YFX series of electric hydraulic wedge brake is based on the requirements of the port crane, developed a new type of basic mechanical brake system, can effectively prevent the open-air crane in the wind under the raid of the mobile, overturning and other catastrophic accidents.

    It is understood that when the product is energized, the electric hydraulic pusher moves, its pusher fader rises rapidly and lifts the wedge through the lever and the connecting rod to make the crane work normally; when the power is turned on, the pusher of the pusher Under the action of the spring force, and through the lever to the iron wedge placed on the track, in the case of winds will be the wheel wedge dead, play a security role.

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