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Disruptive Brake Reliable Operating Conditions

- Sep 23, 2017 -

The use of power loss brakes is very common, this brake is usually composed of yoke, excitation coil and the installation of screws and other components such as the assembly, the loss of the brake can be installed to the device flange or the rear of the motor , Then what is the reliable operating conditions of the power failure brake? This article describes in detail.

   Loss of brake friction plate and armature appearance can not have oil, be sure to ensure clean, gear sets can not have axial movement, after installation must be unscrewed hollow bolt locked in the motor rear cover or flange above.

   ① near the relative humidity of air will be less than about 85%.

   ② inside the medium inside, not enough to corrode the metal and damage the insulation of the gas and dust.

   ③ loss of brake near the use of B-class insulation, voltage fluctuations less than +5% and -15% of the rated voltage, its work is a continuous working system.

   ④ in the installation of the time to ensure that the drive shaft parts and loss of the brake with the accuracy of the brake disc brake must be in the absence of oil under the conditions of use.

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