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How to disassemble the brake?
Jan 11, 2018

How many steps does it take to disassemble a brake?

The main step is six steps, master these six steps, the brake assembly will be hand to hand.

Remove connection bolts and copper gaskets.

Disconnect the brake hose.

Put the open end throat into the container and carefully pump out the oil.

3. Remove the positioning plug, brake caliper assembly, brake friction block, friction block spring and caliper bracket.

4. Remove piston and piston seal body.

5. Blow the compressed air into the opening of the hose joint, and release the caliper piston from the caliper.

Do not try to pry the piston.

The piston should be covered with a piece of cloth to prevent the piston from causing damage when it pops out of the cylinder.

6. Remove piston seals.

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