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TJ2 electromagnetic drum brakes
Sep 01, 2018

TJ2 series of electromagnetic drum brake is a manipulation by the AC solenoid, normally closed holding brake, widely used in material handling equipment to put an end to the object rate of decline, and to absorb the inertia of the moving mass movement or rotational institutions.

The main features

1, the brake lever is made of steel material, the main components divided into the brake arm, brake lever, spring and base. Brake shoe and brake arm, brake arm and the base by axis pin connection, one side of the brake arm can be installed to the electromagnet, the main spring installed at the top of the brake arm, close to the top of the electromagnet lever stop file in order to increase the coefficient of friction of the brake shoe and brake wheel surface, equipped with a brake shoe above the replacement of asbestos brake band;

2, when the manipulation of the short stroke solenoid power outage, keep the brake by the brake compression spring in the solenoid is energized suction timely, resulting in a loose gate, so that agencies can operate.

Technical parameter of TJ2 electromagnetic drum brake:


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