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Why should the brakes be maintained?
Sep 22, 2017

    Brakes are mechanical systems on the brake system, we know that the work of machinery and equipment in the process of relying mainly on the brake system to achieve downtime production, and if the brake system problems will have a great impact. For example, the brake on the car is the brakes, if the brake once the failure, the consequences could be disastrous, so in order to protect the safety of the work smoothly, we must regularly on the brake maintenance, the specific maintenance methods are as follows:

    1, often in the electromagnetic brake moving part of the addition of lubricant.

    2, regularly check the length of the armature travel. Because during the operation of the brake, due to the wear of the cutting surface, the length of the armature will be. When the length of the armature stroke is less than normal, it must be adjusted to restore the minimum clearance between the brake surface and the turntable. If the armature stroke length  to above normal, it may greatly reduce the suction.

    3, if you replace the wear of the brake surface, should be re-adjust the brake surface and the minimum gap between the turntable.

    4, often check the degree of tightening bolts, in particular, to tighten the solenoid bolts, electromagnets and shell bolts, yoke bolts, solenoid coil bolts and wiring bolts.

    5, regularly check the mechanical parts of the mechanical wear, and remove the surface of the electromagnetic parts of the dust, hair and dirt.

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