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YPZ2 series Electro Hydraulic Disc Brake
May 03, 2018


YPZ2 I.II.III Series Electro-Hydraulic Disc Brakes(with type ED electrohydraulic thruster)

● Original:He Nan, China

● Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, TX, EX, MA etc

● Packing: export standard

● Disc thickness(mm):20 or 30 

● Operating Condition" Ambient temperature: -20°C~+50°C ;

● Relative humidity:≤90%;

● Power:AC 3 phases 50(60)Hz

● Voltages: 380~400V 50Hz  440~460V 60Hz

● Operating duty: intermittent (S3-60%.1200times per hour)and continuous (S1).

● Special requirements can be discussed in order.


YPZ2 Series Electro-hydraulic Disc Brakes are advanced products with high performance and multiple functions.They are maintenance-friendy due to advavance functions applied on them such as automatic shoe clearance balancing and wear-self compensation device.Various limit switches can provide interlocking protection signal to main machinery PLC.They fit very well for decelerating and stop/braking large-scale modern machines such as loading and unloading machinery,lifting and transporting machinery,metallurgy equipment and mining equipment.

3.Main Feature:

● The overall shape of the structure brake pads mounted on the card, the replacement is very convenient, fast, with semi-metallic (asbestos-free) of hard and semi-rigid, soft (including asbestos, asbestos-free), the braking of different materials pad for the user to select.

● Interlocking shoe clearance balancing device and shoe auto-aligning device constantly equalize the clearance of brake shoes on both sides and make adjustment unnecessary,completely avoiding brake lining one side sticking to brake wheel;

● Braking by spring power;

● Lifting by thruster;

● Brake torque adjustable;

● Brake closes in case of power failure (Fail-Safe Principle);

4.Standards compliant :

● They are equipped with Ed series thrusters which comply with DIN15430 standard.

5.Options and accessoires (selection):

● Enclosed spring tube protects spring from damage and contamination

● Brake torque adjustable, brake torque scale in Nm-segments for coefficient of friction µ = 0,4

● automatic wear adjustment (M);

● brake lining riveted and/or bonded;

● different lining qualities and different coefficients of friction are available;

● limit switches and monitoring devices for(K1 or K2);

● brake indication (open/closed), residual stroke, brake lining wear etc (K3);

● manual lifting (S1 or S2)。

Type of operation:





●Other types of operation, on request:

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