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Precautions For Using The Brakes During Travel
Oct 12, 2017

Brakes We all know that it is suitable for a part of a vehicle brake that requires the support of the brakes when we need brakes and parking, so we should know what problems the brakes need to be aware of when using the brakes.

     1. In order to protect the safety of driving, the driver shall not wear slippers to drive.

     2. In rain and snow weather, it should be slow to prevent accidents in emergency braking.

     3. Under normal circumstances, not to take a different way to directly stop the clutch.

     4. In case of non-emergency, reflex should not be used instead of braking.

     5. When using the parking brake, you must first use the new car will drive the car brake, and then use the parking brake. When using the parking brake, can not be used too much to prevent the push rod body, protective sleeve sets off, stuck brake shoes. Operation is strictly prohibited to use the parking brake, but when the traffic brake failure, and emergency situations need to stop, you can also use the parking brake emergency stop. Parking must be carried out when parking.


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