Henan Zhongyuan brake Company Limited, the registered capital of 30000000 yuan, is one of the earliest, largest, Chinese famous brake production manufacturers; products are widely usde in ports, steel, thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, wind power generation, mining, shipyard, shiplift, railway and other heavy industry of hoisting and conveying machinery.

"Only in the twinkling of an eye--central brake". This advertisement warming accident will occur in a twinking of an eye. Therefore, the brake has always put the quality as the life of enterprise, safety than to see Taishan.

The Best Services
  • Iron and Steel Industry

    supplier of electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes and material handling and MRO parts including brakes, friction wear, motors, etc.Overhead Crane Industrial...

  • Railroad Industry

    high quality products for both the freight and passenger railroad industry.Wear parts,Friction products,Rubber parts,Pedestal Liners,Springs, Wheel Chocks, Seals...

  • Agriculture and Farming Industry

    ff-road equipment and brakes supplier.Rigid Friction products,PTO Facings,Phenolic Bushings,Brake Band Assemblies

  • Mining

    our custom designed brakes are used in harsh mining environments around the world in various applications and specifications.Mining Industry Braking Systems...

  • Oil/Petroleum

    oil field and oil rig (offshore and on-shore) applications,Drilling and Service Rigs,Braking Systems, Brakes and Clutches,Friction Materials,Brake Blocks...

  • Port and Marine Terminals

    marine and offshore applications,Container Crane Brakes for Portal Cranes,Material Handling Equipment,Tugs and Barges – parts and reline, repair services,Custom...


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