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EB Electro-hydraulic-thruster

EB Electro-hydraulic-thruster

We are a factory to produce electro-hydraulic durm brakes, pneumatic drum brakes, electro magnetic drum brake, electro hydraulic disc brakes, air disc brakes, safety brakes etc. Choose from both fail-safe and active braking systems to meet the needs of your specific application. Whether you need stopping, holding, e-stopping or tensioning,we can accommodate your industrial disc brake needs. For example, our brakes are used for main hoists, boom hoists, bridge crane drives as well as trolley travel drives. In addition, they are used in various types of winches for mining, construction, drilling rigs, elevators and stage, speaker or scoreboard systems. Other examples are uphill, downhill and overland conveyor applications. We also have extensive references in steel mill rolling and coiler applications....

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ZYBC EB Thruster

The electro-hydraulic EB thruster offers high durability in a compact design with smooth and quiet operation.

ZYBC thruster type EB

Characteristic Features of EB electro-hydraulic Thrusters

  • High reliability

  • Long service  life   with   minimum  maintenance   due   to self-lubricating operation

  • Smooth operation due to hydraulic design

  • Fast response (short regulating times)

  • High switching frequency: up to 2000 cycles per hour

  • Simple installation and dismantling

  • No reversing contactors required as the motor may rotate in either direction

  • Overloading during operation not possible

  • Suitable for adjusting stroke via external limits

  • Adjustable control of lifting and lowering times via installation of adjustable throttle valves

  • Designs for use in DIP or ATEx environments available

  • Option of internal springs for automatic retraction

Technical Parameter of Electro-Hydraulic EB Thruster


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