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Description of Eldro hydraulic thruster
May 07, 2018


ED Series Electro-hydraulic Thrusters

Original:He Nan, China

Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, TX, EX, MA etc

Packing: export standard

Operating Condition" Ambient temperature: -20°C~+50°C ;

Relative humidity:≤90%;

Power:AC 3 phases 50(60)Hz

Voltages: 380~400V 50Hz  440~460V 60Hz

Operating duty: intermittent (S3-60%.1200times per hour)and continuous (S1).

Special requirements can be discussed in order.


ED series electric hydraulic driving device is a motor, centrifugal pump, oil cylinder as a whole, compact drive control device, has been widely used in various drum brake and disc brake driving device, also can be used for various industrial valves, gate, directional swing and rotation ( < 90degrees ) device ( mechanism ) and clamping device driving device.

3.Main Feature:

l The casing is made by casting aluminum alloy ,light and good-look.

l Electrical motor is of non-under-oil structure,B grade or F grade insulation (according to customer's requirements)durable and good heat resistance.

l Cover of junction box is tightly sealed.Cable stuffing box is adopted for inner wire,which is firm and reliable.Electrical protection of casing reaches IP55 grade.

l The surface of motor axle and pusher is handled specially to mark the sealing parts much more durable.

l Balancing air house is set at one side of oil cylinder casing which can make the thruster to be installed at any direction within rang of 0-180 degree and enlarge the using range.

l All sealing parts and bearing of Ed series are all world famous products.The sealing is reliable and durable.

l Fastening parts of Ed series are made of stainless steel,good-look and durable.

 4. Additional Option

l Up limit switch,which can indicate whether brake is open,or whether the thruster is at the right position.

l Down limit switch,which can indicate whether the brake is properly close,whether the thruster return to right position.Up and down limit switches can be set together.

l Build-in spring or release spring only for short thruster)Spring force can be decided by customers,but within the force limit of built-in spring (refer to parameter tables).

l Heater Customers can require heaters in the place where ambient temperature is below -25°c,Parameters of heater are attached (refer to Tab.1)

l Up delay valve,down delay valve,Up/down delay valve,can prolong the lifting and falling time without limit,delay range from rated action time to 30 second,specific delay valve can be set as customers' requirements.

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