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Dry electromagnetic brake
Sep 08, 2017

Dry electromagnetic brake in the performance of the main highlights: 

high-speed response, durability, assembly and maintenance easy, do not need to wear adjustment, the action is indeed, you can adjust the torque.

Dry-type electromagnetic brake is mainly used in packaging and packaging machinery: 

such as packaging machines, strapping machine, packing machinery, etc .; metal processing machinery: such as calendering machine, drawing machine, punch machine, welding machine, copper wall iron line return machine, cutting machine Machinery, such as lathes, milling machines, automatic CNC beds, special machines, etc .; handling machinery: cranes, feeders, conveyors, roll machines, hoists, etc .; paper machinery: bag machines, Cartoning machine, sawing machine, cutting machine, paper machine, etc .; printing machinery: rotary press, feed press, etc .; woodworking machinery: sawmill, woodworking machine, plywood machinery; Machine, machine, machine, fax machine, copper machine, printer, etc .; measuring machine: testing machine, durable test device, measuring machine, etc .; food processing machinery: meat processing machinery, system cake machinery, bottling machinery, Etc .; other: reducer, electroplating devices, chemical and chemical machinery, paper machinery, resin processing machinery.

Dry electromagnetic brake in the installation and use of the need to pay attention to: 

1, in the absence of water, oil and other conditions using dry electromagnetic brake, if the friction parts stained with water or oil and other substances, will greatly reduce the friction torque, the system 

2, in the dust of many places when used, please dry electromagnetic brake all into the box; 

3, taking into account the thermal expansion, etc., in order to avoid the use of these conditions, please add the cover; Factor, the installation of the thrust of the shaft, please choose the following 0.2MM; 

4, the installation of the mechanical adjustment of the gap will be adjusted to plus or minus 20% of the specified value; 

5, the bracket to keep light, do not use dry electromagnetic brake 

6, on the assembly of the screws, please use the spring metal sheet, then agent to prevent relaxation of the treatment; 

7, the use of mechanical side of the frame to maintain the lead at the same time, but also the use of terminal board, etc. to do Connection.

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