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Failure phenomenon of brake
Aug 05, 2017

(1) The motor shaft and the impeller shaft between the square coupling loosening off, the motor shaft empty instead of hydraulic cylinder action.

(2) The push rod of the hydraulic push rod is curved and deformed, and the work of the loose gate is not in place.

(3) Hydraulic actuator brake Spring break, brake can not be closed.

(4) The movable hinge point of the brake frame is jammed, and the opening and closing action of the brake is slow, or not action.

(5) Brake frame movable hinge point latch loosening, brake work is not in place;

(6) Brake belt, brake wheel wear is serious, braking moment becomes smaller or loses braking moment.

(7) The drive motor of the hydraulic push rod is broken, and the motor and the loosening brake are not operated.

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