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The way the crane brake operates
Dec 09, 2017

crane brake are often used in machinery, mainly to slow down and stop the equipment.

So how does the crane brake work?

crane brake is to be able to keep moving parts to slow, stop or stop state of a device, by applying braking torque of the fixed components of rotating components, which makes the rotating angular velocity is reduced, at the same time rely on wheels and the surface adhesion effect, produce the road surface of the wheel braking force to give the car to slow down.

crane brake are also known as crane brake.

It is widely used in many fields nowadays. It is mainly composed of frame, crane brake and control devices.

Some crane brake are also equipped with automatic adjustment devices in the gap of brake parts.

In order to reduce braking torque and the structure size, the crane brake is usually installed on the equipment of high-speed shaft, but for security requirement is higher large equipment should install in the low speed shaft near the working parts of equipment.

The general working principle of the braking system is that are connected to the body (or frame) use of rotating components and connected to the wheel (or shaft) mutual friction between the rotating element to prevent the rotation of the wheels or the trend of the rotation.

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