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Brake Daily Maintenance And Maintenance
Aug 05, 2017

1. Keep the caliper disc type hydraulic brake assembly especially the brake disc and brake lining surface clean, make the entire brake easy, flexible and reliable, clean and clean.

2. Always observe the stock of brake fluid in the oil pool, when the liquid surface below the mark line, should be added to the original brand clean brake fluid, so that it is higher than the mark line mm, not allowed to mix with other brands of brake fluid, after adding, should open the vent air exhaust after the use of solid.

3. Regular inspection (generally in driving kilometers above) brake disc thickness, when the brake disc after the thickness of less than the specified value must replace the brake disc.

4. In use, the brake lining surface is not allowed to attach grease or brake fluid, and regularly check the thickness of the liner, the thickness is less than the specified value, should be replaced with moving linings.

5. When the oil is leaking in the piston of the total pump and the distributor, must replace the seal ring, should pay special attention, the new seal ring must first be immersed in the brake fluid for more than a few hours after the replacement, can not be taken to the assembly use, cleaning oil cylinders or pistons, must use a sprinkle solution, do not allow gasoline or other mineral oil liquid.

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