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Comparison Between Disc Brakes And Drum Brakes
Aug 05, 2017

Compared with drum brakes, disc brakes have the following advantages: generally no friction-assisted effect, so the brake efficiency is less affected by the friction coefficient, that is, the efficiency is more stable; and only after one or two times of braking to restore normal; In the case of the same output braking torque, the size and mass are generally small; the thermal expansion of the brake disc along the thickness direction is very small, and it will not increase the brake gap obviously as the thermal expansion of the brake drum, which leads to too much brake pedal It is easier to adjust the clearance automatically, other maintenance and repair work is easier.

For caliper disc brakes, because the brake disc is exposed, there are good heat dissipation advantages. Disc brakes lack of efficiency is low, it is used for hydraulic braking system when the need for braking to promote the pipeline pressure is higher, generally use servo devices.

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