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Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. Electric Hydraulic Propulsion Exports To Vietnam
Oct 31, 2017

Congratulations Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. Electric hydraulic propulsion exports to Vietnam, here we simply give the user to introduce the power hydraulic propulsion installation, use and maintenance points:

As the pusher and brake often used together, is a comprehensive introduction to its installation, use and maintenance points are as follows:

1) Brakes are installed on the machine after the installation of the brake wheel, the brake wheel must be static and static, the surface roughness should not be less than Ra1.6, hardness should not be lower than HBS = 280.

2) When installing and fixing the brake, it should be noted that the brakes are parallel to the brake wheel when the brake is released, and in the braking state, the entire surface of the brake belt should be attached to the brake wheel. Unevenness and inclination in the release state should not exceed 0.1 mm in the brake wheel width of 100 mm or less. Do not have oil on the surface of the brake wheel.

3) electric hydraulic propulsion before the test must be injected into the cylinder clean and no dirt and mechanical impurities in the hydraulic oil, the use of oil types and quantities should meet the requirements.

4) After turning on the motor power, check whether the impeller rotates flexibly, whether the cylindrical spring is jammed, and the upper and lower movements of the push rod and piston are normal.

5) Adjustment of braking torque. By adjusting the adjustment nut of the main spring, changing the compression length of the main spring adjusts the spring force and the braking torque so that the brake can be operated at the minimum possible braking torque.

6) Brake brake gear adjustment. Since the brake has the function of automatically adjusting the gap, the gap between the left brake shoe and the brake wheel remains constant as the brake belt wears, but the clearance between the right brake shoe and the brake wheel Wear and gradually increase, depending on the situation at any time to adjust, so that the two brake gear from the basic to maintain uniform. The installation gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel is 0.6mm for the 150mm diameter brake wheel; for the 200 ~ 300mm diameter brake wheel is 0.7mm; for the 400 ~ 500mm diameter brake wheel is 0 .8mm.

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