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Electro Hydraulic Drum Brake TKG

Electro Hydraulic Drum Brake TKG

We are a factory to produce electro-hydraulic drum brakes, pneumatic drum brakes, electro magnetic drum brake, electro hydraulic disc brakes, air disc brakes, safety brakes etc. Choose from both fail-safe and active braking systems to meet the needs of your specific application. Whether you need stopping, holding, e-stopping or tensioning, we can accommodate your industrial disc brake needs. For example, our brakes are used for main hoists, boom hoists, bridge crane drives as well as trolley travel drives. In addition, they are used in various types of winches for mining, construction, drilling rigs, elevators and stage, speaker or scoreboard systems. Other examples are uphill, downhill and overland conveyor applications. We also have extensive references in steel mill rolling and coiler applications....

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Company Introduction:

Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd is a factory of specific equipment for crane and lifting machinery. At present the factory manufactures crane DRUM BRAKES TKG series (TKG-160, TKG-200, TKG-300, TKG-400, TKG-500), ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC THRUSTERS TE series (TE-30, TE-50, TE-80) for drum brakes and RESISTANCE BOXES BR6F series (B6, BRF, BK analogue).

Description of Products:

Brake TKG-300 V2 winch lifting cargo construction and assembly of crawler crane DEK-251, DEC-321 DEC-401 DEC-631 "-Chelyabinets" - mounted on the left and right side of the mechanism associated with one side of each with their own gear, the transmission of torque from the electric motor, and on the other with a drum assembly for winding the hoist rope. Inhibition of this system is necessary to stop and hold the load lifted by crane at a certain height. When braking TAG-300U2 device must clamp and retain the brake pads pulley 2511-16-1.01 its part mechanism which is part of the toe-coupling bush, which is connected to the coupling half 06.01.2511.

Brake TAG-300U2 has a drive (380 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz), actuation mechanism brake pad clamping and releasing the brake pulley 2511-16-1.01 - electrohydraulic.



 Chocks are designed to stop and hold mechanisms shafts (mainly of material - handling machines) in a braked state with non-operating drive. Mounted vertically with horizontal axis on the brake pulley mechanisms working in fire risk environments. When installed on the mechanisms working outdoors must be protected by a casing from falling rain and the action of solar radiation.

The basic specifications and characteristics, the overall and mounting dimensions. Brake parameters electrohydraulic pushers. Pattern brake TKG-160 200-TCG-TCG 300 TCG 400 TCG 500, braking torque, Nm, at least 100 300 800 1500 2500 pulley diameter, mm 160 200 300 400 500 Type pusher FC-30 FC-30 FC -50 FC-80 FC-80 Rated voltage V 380 380 380 380 380 frequency, Hz 50 50 50 50 50 power consumption, W, not more than 160 160 250 370 370 The average force on the pusher rod, H 300 300 500 800 800 Proceedings a pusher rod, mm 32 32 65 65 65 Weight of the brake, kg 30 34 68113188.

Structure and working principle.

The brake consists of a brake lever mechanism, and a pusher electrohydraulic brake lever mechanism consists of the following main parts: a base on which the arms with jaws, the adjusting eccentrics and the spring rod. At the idle plunger under the action of the compressed spring linkage presses the pads against the brake disk surface. When the pusher pushes its piston rod upward, the levers, freed from the action of the spring, diverge rastormazhivaya pulley. Disinhibition completed when the rod of the plunger uppermost position. Mode electrohydraulic pusher allowable number of inclusions oil stamp for different ambient temperatures are determined by data pusher mounted on the brake.

TAG brake is used in almost all Russian tower and bridge cranes, in particular in the movement of the crane lifting devices and mechanisms, versatile and can be used in any arrangements where necessary to keep the shaft stationary .Now it is difficult to find a modern winch or mechanisms that use gearboxes where I would not be used TCH brake. It comes complete with a series of pushers and fuel cells designed to hold the shaft gear units and motors in the locked state. The frame represents a complete part without mechanical pusher. Function is held disinhibition sheave diameter of 100 to 800 mm, upon application of voltage. When incorporated into a pusher network operates using the stroke movement of the rod up to leverage thereby pushing the pads held by a pulley. The durability of the mechanism depends on the frequency of its use, and is usually from three to six years, after this period there is a loosening and deformation of the main moving parts in consequence of which he can not perform its functions properly. The price of the TAG brake depends on the pusher which is mounted on the brake, because now there were plenty of both Chinese and Russian suppliers of these products. Accordingly, steel prices for different pushers that determine quality of assembly and service life of the pusher.

 Causes of failure of the pusher different and may consist in an oil leakage, irregular line voltage, and manufacturing defects exhausted working life. Brake pads lose their properties in consequence of wear and can be replaced completely or partially by changing pads. Brake pads brake TAG are supplied with friction lining, which securely hold mechanisms shafts under the action of frictional force.

Brake TKG-100, the brake TKG-160 and brake TKG-200 can be equipped with pushers series TE-16, TE-25 and TE-30 brake TKG-300 equipped only pushers TE-50 brake TKG-400, the TAG-500 equipped only pushers TE-80 TKG-brake 600 can be equipped with pushers TE-150, TE-160 and TE-200 brake TKG-700 equipped with pushers just TE-200 Ex brake TAG completed pushers series RV and MRI.

Dimension of TKG brake

size of TKG.png

Technical Parameter of TKG Brake

TKG size.png

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