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YZ Type Brake Hydraulic Station

YZ Type Brake Hydraulic Station

We are a factory to produce electro-hydraulic durm brakes, pneumatic drum brakes, electro magnetic drum brake, electro hydraulic disc brakes, air disc brakes, safety brakes etc. Choose from both fail-safe and active braking systems to meet the needs of your specific application. Whether you need stopping, holding, e-stopping or tensioning, we can accommodate your industrial disc brake needs. For example, our brakes are used for main hoists, boom hoists, bridge crane drives as well as trolley travel drives. In addition, they are used in various types of winches for mining, construction, drilling rigs, elevators and stage, speaker or scoreboard systems. Other examples are uphill, downhill and overland conveyor applications. We also have extensive references in steel mill rolling and coiler applications....

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High quality YZ(J) 、YZ series hydraulic pressure station

Product Description 


Hydraulic pressure station is a high performance, multi-functional advanced product. Brakes are characterized by many advanced functions like shoe-clearance self-equalization and pad wear self-compensation. Maintenance is very easy during operating, it can also provide required interlocking pretection signal tp main machine by optionally installing various limit switches and optionally install intelligent system or controll system. Product is very suitable for a variety of modern large-scale special handling machinery, lifting and transport machinery, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment and construction machinery from various institutions slowdown and maintain brake.

Main Feature:

1. Main fixed hinge point equipped with self-lubricating bearings, high transmission efficiency, long lifetime;
2. Non-asbestos brake lining wear automatic compensation device, can make the tile from the back and brake torque constant in work process;
3. Adapted Ed with time-delay valve can realize brake time close and smooth close;
4. Manual release device;
5. Pad wear limit switch can signal when the brake pads wear to the limit;


Additional option:

  1. Hand release lever.

  2. Open(Release) or close limit-switch, which indicates whether the brake is properly released or closed.

  3. Wear-self-compensation device, which realizes endless self-compensation of shoe clearance and torque when lining wears.

  4. Lining-wear limit-switch, equipped which signals will shown when wear of lining reaches the limit (note: self-compensation device should be equipped in application)

  5. Adopt thruster with fall delay valve as drive system which can realize closing delay of brake.




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