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Technical Data of YWZ8 electro hydraulic drum brake
Sep 01, 2018

Electro-hydraulic Drum Brakes can be extensively used for various mechanism deceleration and stop/braking of various belt transport,port handling,hoisting, metallurgical, mining and building machinery.

The dimensions and braking torque parameters of YWZ8 series brakes comply with JB/ZQ4388-86 standard and JB/T6406-2006 standard .

They are equipped with Ed series thrusters, which comply with DIN15430 standard.

Main Feature:

  1. Interlocking shoe clearance balancing device (patented technology) and shoe auto-aligning device constantly equalize the clearance of brake shoes on both sides and make adjustment unnecessary, completely avoiding brake lining one side sticking to brake wheel.

  2. Brake spring is arranged inside square tube and surveyor's rod is placed on one side. It is easy for customers to read braking torque value and avoid the troubles of measuring and computing.

  3. Brake lining is whole card-mounted shaping structure, which is easy and quick to be replaced and available for customers to choose brake lining of various materials, such as half-metal(no-asbestos) hard and half-hard,soft(include asbestos) substance.

  4. The company adopted new-type thrusters with rapid action and long operation life.



         1. Hand release lever  2. Open(release) or close limit switch, which indicates whether the brake is properly released and closed   3. Adopt thruster with fall delay valve as drive system which can realize closing delay of brake.


Technical Parameter of YWZ8 electro hydraulic drum brake:

technical parameter.jpg

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