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We are a factory to produce electro-hydraulic durm brakes, pneumatic drum brakes, electro magnetic drum brake, electro hydraulic disc brakes, air disc brakes, safety brakes etc, and all of our brakes are approved by ISO-9001:2008 and China special equipment type test. We also provide inspection reports for our brakes, including fuction test, leakage test and voltage test etc....

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Electro-hydraulic drum brakes, widely used in a variety of lifting transport, port handling, metallurgical equipment, mining machinery and construction machinery from various institutions deceleration and parking (maintain) brake.

Meet the standards

YW series of electro-hydraulic drum brakes, connection size and technical requirements to meet the JB/T6406-2006 standard braking torque parameters to meet the DIN15435 standard, supporting the DIN15430 standard ED promote;

The main features

1, the safe and reliable performance, smooth braking, high frequency of action;

2, the main drivers of the hinge point is equipped with self-lubricating bearings, high transmission efficiency, long life, the use of the process without lubrication;

Equalize the clearance of the device of interlocking tile with the digital device automatically, you can always keep the pad on both sides to equalize the clearance without the need to adjust completely to avoid sticking to brake wheel side brake pads due to retire from the unequal phenomenon ;

4, the overall shape of the structure brake pads mounted on the card, the replacement is very convenient, fast, with semi-metallic (asbestos-free) of hard and semi-rigid, soft (including asbestos, asbestos-free), the braking of different materials pad for the user to select.

Add-on devices

A manual release device;

2, the release of the (gate) or closed (closed gate) limit switch signals brake is normal release or closed;
The pad, brake pad wear automatic compensation device, the pad wear retire five automatic compensation of the distance and the braking torque;

4, pad wear limit switch, can signal when the brake pads wear to the limit of (Note: Please bring your automatic compensation device);

5, driven to drive with a decline in the delay valve, brake delay closure.

Special requirements

According to user requirements to produce a variety of normally open, explosion-proof and non-standard products.

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