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Application Of Disc Brakes In Automobiles
Aug 05, 2017

Car disc brakes, also known as disc brakes, as the name implies to take its shape and its name, it is controlled by hydraulic, the main components have brake disc, pump, brake clamp, tubing and so on.

The brake disc is made of alloy steel and fixed on the wheel, with the wheel turning, the pump is fixed on the floor of the brake fixed, and the two pieces of friction on the clamp are respectively mounted on the sides of the brake disc, the piston of the pump is driven by the hydraulic action of the tubing, pushing the friction piece to brake the disc, acting as if the plate is being rotated with pliers, forcing it to stop.

Disc brakes have fast heat dissipation, light weight, simple structure and convenient adjustment. In particular, high temperature resistance, good performance, stable braking effect, and not afraid of muddy water attack, in the winter and bad road traffic, disc brake than drum brake more easily in a short time to stop the car, some disc brakes on the brake disc also opened many small holes to speed up ventilation and improve braking efficiency.

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