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China Has Developed The First Electric Vehicle Concept Wheel With Lightweight Aluminum
Aug 31, 2017


The new concept wheel is specially optimized for electric vehicle braking system.

To improve life of the vehicle mileage, the mainland adopts motor to realize braking functions in the product, make electric cars can produce electricity as much as possible, when it slow down and stored in car batteries, energy recovery (recuperation) functions, and prolong the life of the vehicle mileage, also can avoid frequently USES the wheel brake.The brake disc of the new concept wheel (brake disk, brake disk) adopts corrosion-resistant aluminum to prevent rust of the equipment (iron brake disk usually rusts), thus improving braking efficiency.

"Electric cars need new braking technology," said Matthias Matic, head of Hydraulic Brake Systems Business Unit in mainland China. "conventional brakes don't work very well.The concept of the wheel product can meet the demand of all electric braking, in developing the products of the company when used professional brake technology, in order to provide consistent, safe and reliable electric braking effect."

Because of its lightweight material, the new concept wheel has realized the weight loss of the wheel and brake, which has helped to promote the lightweight construction design of electric vehicle.

The benefit of the concept product is that the changes to the wheel and brake pad (brake pad) will become easier and the brake disc will be more resistant to wear.

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