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How To Adjust The Hydraulic Brake
Aug 05, 2017

(1) Braking torque adjustment: By rotating the main spring nut to change the length of the main spring method to obtain different brake torque. Adjustment should be based on the side of the main spring frame two tick line, when the spring is located in the middle of two lines, that is, the frontal braking torque. To pay special attention to the right end of the tie rod can not be in contact with the pin shaft of the spring frame or die, should be left with a certain gap.

(2) Brake shoe opening clearance adjustment: Brake tile adjustment, must make the two sides of the brake tile clearance to maintain the same, if the gap can be adjusted by adjusting the screw elastic to achieve. If the left brake tile open gap is larger, but the right side is small, then should tighten to the left;

(3) Compensation stroke Adjustment: The position of the lever can be adjusted to get the ideal compensation stroke. Rotate the lever so that the center line of the lever connecting the push pin and the center line of the rod pin axis are on the same horizontal level.

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