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Precautions For Use Of Electromagnetic Brakes
Aug 05, 2017

1. Please use electromagnetic brake without water, oil, etc, if the friction part is stained with water or oil, the friction torque will be greatly reduced, and the sensitivity of braking will become worse, in order to avoid these situations, please add cover.

2. When the dust is used in many places, please put the brakes into the box.

3. The long shaft size used to install the brakes please use the JIS0401 H6 or JS6 specifications, for the installation of the shaft keys please use JIS b1301-1959 one of the requirements.

4. Considering the factors such as thermal expansion, the thrust of the mounting shaft should be selected below 0.2MM.

5. When installing, please adjust the suction clearance to the specified value within 20%.

6. Please keep the brackets light and do not use the brake bearings to withstand excessive pressure.

7. For assembling the screws, please use the spring metal sheet, the agent, etc. to prevent slack treatment.

8. The use of the mechanical side of the framework to maintain the lead, but also the use of terminal plates, such as the actual connection.

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