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ADD:Wei Four Road, Weizhuang industrial Park, Changyuan
District, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China
High Quality Hydraulic Disc Brake Manufacturer

High Quality Hydraulic Disc Brake Manufacturer

We are a factory to produce disc brake, including electro-hydraulic disc brakes,caloper disc brake, hydraulic safety brake, fail-safe brake etc...

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Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd is a factory to produce electro-hydraulic durm brakes, pneumatic drum brakes, electro magnetic drum brake, electro hydraulic disc brakes, air disc brakes, safety brakes etc. Choose from both fail-safe and active braking systems to meet the needs of your specific application.  Whether you need stopping, holding, e-stopping or tensioning, we can accommodate your industrial disc brake needs.  For example, our brakes are used for main hoists, boom hoists, bridge crane drives as well as trolley travel drives.  In addition, they are used in various types of winches for mining, construction, drilling rigs, elevators and stage, speaker or scoreboard systems.  Other examples are uphill, downhill and overland conveyor applications.  We also have extensive references in steel mill rolling and coiler applications.

Disc Brake:

1. YPZ2 electro-hydraulic disc brake:


2.QP/CQP air disc brake


3. QPD/CQPD air disc brake

4. QPL/CQPL air disc brake

5. DCPZ electromagnetic disc brake


6. DJPZ motor disc brake


7. SB/SBD Safety Brake



8. SE/SH/SP fail-safe disc brake



9. ADP DC pneumatic disc brake


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Henan Zhongyuan Brakes Co., Ltd

Add: Weizhuang Industrial Park, Changyuan County, Xinxiang City, Henan, China

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