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Explosion Proof Electro-Hydraulic Thrusters
Sep 01, 2018

BED series flameproof electric hydraulic driving device is mainly used for the electric hydraulic drum brake through the lever driving device, can also complete reciprocating, circumference, swing and other forms of rapid movement, suitable for lifting, transportation, metallurgy, mines, ports, construction and other industries; its flameproof performance with GB3836.2-2000" used in explosive environment the explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof electrical equipment" d"" provisions, explosion proof marks:" dI"," DIICT4", respectively, for the coal mine underground and IIA, IIB, IIC ( I, II, B grade class II, class C class II ) temperature groups for T1-T4combustible gas or steam with air to form an explosive mixture of places.

Technical Parameter of Explosion Proof  electrohydraulic Thruster:


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