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What happens to the brake that needs to be done for disposal?
Sep 22, 2017

The brake is an important brake device that is the whole process of the brake when the machine is stopped. In general, the brake is only a small component installed on the device, but because it is too important, it can be said to be related to the safety of the construction and the personal safety of the staff, must be taken seriously. So in the daily work of each shift of the staff need to be checked, so that the brake can be normal operation.

 But the brake is used too long, it will inevitably be a variety of problems, such as: brake wheel damage, brake pads or brake pads wear, work during the brake overheating. These will cause the brake to run erratically and even affect the safety of the work, so the brake should pay attention to these problems, when the following conditions should be done when the scrapped.

 (1) crack; (2) brake belt or brake pad friction pad thickness of 50% of the original thickness of the original; (3) spring plastic deformation; (4) hinge small shaft or shaft hole diameter of the original diameter 5%; (5) brake wheel occurs when one of the following circumstances should be scrapped: ① crack; ② lifting, luffing mechanism of the brake wheel, rim thickness of the original thickness of 40%; ③ other institutions Brake wheel, the thickness of the wheel thickness of the original thickness of 50%; ④ tread roughness of 1.5mm, if the repair, after the repair of the wheel thickness should be consistent with the provisions of this Article ②, ③ requirements.

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